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Her best friend can fly.

Her best friend can fly.

Her best friend can fly.

Lavender can fly.

Of course, the moment she heard, after she was done with the celebratory hug, she immediately asked Lavender how it works so she could try it herself. Unfortunately, Lavender's developing vocabulary was not quite adequate to communicate the process. But they had a long conversation about their powers, with Matilda sitting in a comfy chair in her bedroom and Lavender hovering casually beside it. They both agreed that Jenny is the only grown-up who is allowed to know. Things like this are too important to trust to unqualified adults.

A day later, Matilda is still unable to get herself off the ground. She's sure there's a way; she just hasn't found it yet. Maybe if she learns, she can teach Lavender how to move things other than herself. But for now... she needs more data.
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